2015 Branded Summer Sales Challenge

Contest Runs from Monday, June 8th through Monday, September 7th

Contest Rules

1. Sales must be for your Business (i.e, selling stuff from your house on eBay just to make money does not qualify as a sale)

2.  Points will be weighted as follows:  50% for Dollar Amount of Sales Generate, 25% for Number of Unique Sales Generated and 25% for Number of New Clients/Customers Generated.

3.  To enter the contest you must post a video in the Facebook group saying "I'm in! and tell the group why you are "in" for this contest.

4.  Monthly reports with the subject line (YOUR NAME HERE) Summer Sales Challenge must be emailed by the 8th of the month with the following information:

$_________ in total sales generated  (List each income stream separately)

# of New Clients This Month:________

# of Unique Sales This Month:__________

5.  In the event of a tie, the person with the largest dollar amount will win.

6.  1 Bonus Point will be awarded for each video created to let the group know your progress or requesting feedback.  (Maximum of 40 Bonus Points Can Be Awarded)  

Winner will be announced September 28th and will receive access to Branded Kick-Starter with 6 Group Coaching Session and a 90-Minute coaching session with Natasha & Rich Hazlett.  (A $2,000 value!)

2014-2015 Branded Go-Giver Award Voting


Bonus Training

Check Back For Bonus Training To Help With The Contest!