Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!  

Strategic Planning Workshop

November 12th in Boise, Idaho

*Can't make it to Boise?  Live streaming available.
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What Others Say About Natasha's Strategic Planning Training:

"This is exactly what I've been needing for my business. I've been struggling with how to forecast the scaling of my business...and this will get me on track for that. I've had problems with remaining focused on my goals, because quite frankly I've been all over the place with where I've wanted to go; no defined path....this will help eliminate "shiny object syndrome" and keep me on my defined path. Now to work the numbers and define my path! :-)"


"The personal attention was extremely helpful and a game-changer! I was left with fresh perspective, enabling me to move forward after feeling stuck for quite sometime. "


"It reminded me that you can't just sit around in yoga pants, drinking coffee all day and hope the "universe" brings in business. It takes a STRUCTURED PLAN! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! I loved it."


"I have heard of this and done this planning before, but I liked how you changed/explained it for us. Plus the mini workshop time was very helpful to taking immediate action on what we just heard. I know that this is a very detailed process but works if you follow through. Great idea to get us started and making us write things down."

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